First Timer Tour in India

The first time tour takers to India must be selective while choosing tourist destinations. It is the lands of gods own country, the majestic Mighty Himalayas, the Great Thar Desert, islands, tropical rain forest, and sea beaches. Apart from natural beauties, it is also the best place to take a cultural heritage tour. If you wish to seek adventure, there are snow skiing pists, water sports, and trekking trails. India is a tourist-friendly nation in Southeast Asia. It is advisable to book an all-inclusive tour package for the first-timer tour in India.


English is enough to take a city tour in India. Mumbai and Delhi are the Alpha cities, which you must take a tour under the global city tours. It will be better to book a guide if you wish to travel the unexplored places of India and the little known tourist places in India.


Traveling through the public mode of transportation is the best for India tours for first-timer tourists. They are a cheap mode of transportation. You can travel via boat, ships, rail, road, and flight to explore all parts of India. If you come under an all-inclusive tour India package, most of the mode of transportation will be through private travel transpiration. They are affordable when compared to a book by you.


It is advisable to stay in standard or premium hotels, which are near to the tourist attraction places. You must book them in advance too. This is because; the April and May months are non-peak seasons. The rest of the months are peak seasons for the best first-time tour in India.

Things to Avoid

You must not eat or taste any food given by a stranger in any public mode of transportation.

Always carry a mineral water bottle to fetch your thirst.

Report your tour plan with the local police station, which is near to the tourist attraction place.