Weekend Gateways Near Hyderabad

There are many historic, natural, and scenic places to visit from Hyderabad for weekend gateways. The list of places to visit near Hyderabad is within 200-km from the Capital of Telangana. They are accessible by road and rail. These places are the best for a corporate team, group of friends and families to visit during the weekends. is an affordable travel portal one to book online.

Warangal is one of the best places to visit near Hyderabad. It is the only place to see the ruins of the Kakatiya Dynasty. These are ancient temples, architectural marvels on giant monolith rocks and ruins of Kakatiya capital. The Warangal Fort is an imposing one among these national monuments. You can also visit Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary and River Godavari attractions from this place. Warangal is 148-km north of Hyderabad.

Visiting Bidar is one of the weekend getaways near Hyderabad, which is the most suitable for history buffs and shopping Bidar crafts. You must visit the Bidar fort to see the historic town and its Persian style architectural marvels. Shopping near this fort complex is the best way to buy the authentic products of Bidar traditional wears. Bidar is 147-km northeast of Hyderabad.

You must visit the Nagarjuna Sagar Dam is a natural weekend trip from Hyderabad. This is a vast dam with scenic natural places. Hiking the dam surrounding is the best way to enjoy the sea like dam water and rolling hills surrounded by this dam area. It is the best place to visit in all-season. This dam will look like a sea during monsoon rains from July to October. Nagarjuna Sagar Dam is 165-km southwards from offers an all-inclusive weekend getaways packages from Hyderabad. It is advisable to book in advance to beat the weekend rush from Hyderabadis. The above-mentioned weekend getaway places are safe to travel. They are neighboring districts of Hyderabad.